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Not seen this before.  If it's an old one admin please delete.

2013 Tiger 800XC Test Ride and Review

grin factor:
I saw it a while ago when doing a bit research on the bike. There quite a lot of independant reviews on the tube, some good some not so.
This guy said he'd buy an NC over the Tiger for economy reasons, but I'm sure he's a newish motorcyclist.

He's only had his licence for 2 years according to his comments.

He's a  :172: .

Hasn't got the faintest idea what he is talking about.   

Captain Crazy:
One thing from watching this 'video', you've all missed a major  ''POINT'' .... He ride's like an A### and talks out of one!   

OK, so he's a novice rider and admits it, but from just watching his road positioning (especially approaching side junctions) and the way he rides erratically all over the place, he's a clear advert for all that is wrong with allowing every baboon to have a license! 

I only hope he's a Fast Lerner where Road Craft is concerned or made a wise choice and took some advance Rider Training after making this video (?), as he could sure as hell do with it  :138:   


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