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2015 Tee shirt design
« on: February 02, 2014, 02:08:12 AM »
For the first two meets, Matt Heald did the footwork on organising the tee shirts. For 2014 Kate and I have taken it on and tried to keep in line with the previous designs which were arrived at following a fairly lengthy forum discussion in the run up to the first meet.
   Now may be the best time for members to start thinking about the design for the 2015 tee shirt, putting forward designs for discussion and taking on the role of co-ordinating the purchase and supply.
   The Tiger Mega Meet has been a highly successful gathering of like-minded folk for its first couple of years and we chose the tee shirt logo as our preferred memento of the weekend but in the interests of progress somebody may like to step up and take us on to a bold new world of design.

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Re: 2015 Tee shirt design
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2014, 02:51:34 PM »
How about the site logo (or new one) along with URL? That way its a bit more obvious who we are as opposed to a wildlife group.

I ndividual extra could still be added for each event, the flag and date are great additions so shld be kept from previous designs.

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Re: 2015 Tee shirt design
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2014, 05:03:10 PM »
well volunteered that man...  :492:

you've got various issues that need balancing
complexity of design, number of coolurs, size and so on, availability of gamrments when you come to actually order them, meeting price breaks

there isn't a single clear tiger 800 image that covers the 800 & XC versions

the numbers of shirts sold dictate what you can do.. do you screen print, embroider, digital print direct onto the fabric
there are limitations on what you can produce, so you cant use the Triumph or eother of the 800/xc logo's. And before someones says y'can, the reality is we don't want to upset Triumph whose help we may like / want or need at some stage. Equally admin, the site owner on this site is very concious of copyright issues and chucked several people off the Versys site for copyright breach

there's no doubt we could do more with a screen printed tee shirt..... but you need to get, IIRC, aorund 50+ orders in to make it economically viable, and even then most cheap screen prints are rubbery, slightly sticky  and start to fade very rapidly

can we find a better image?, Im sure we can. but we had to pay a set up charge for the tiger head (which was a first in my dealings with this embroirderer), so it was used for two years running. to get maximum value out of that cost. chopping and changing the design is relatively trivial with Embroidery, especially if the changes are primarily text, its a lot tricker on screen or digital print

but you have to bear in mind the time required to setup and run the process. getting a simple striking design that works on a tee shirt is trickier than you may originally think. Ive had several people look at the design and ask what the Tigermeet is all about.

The site logo is fine, but does it say any more / anything different to the tiger head.....
What makes something like this work is is someone taking up the challenge and running with it. Something tahe Kate800 & Bikerboy944 are doing this year.

If you feel strongly about it then by all means, in the nicest possible way, get of your arse and organise it for 2015. No one is saying it 'has' to the Tiger head, if you organise it then you can do what ever you feel is appropriate.

orginally I looked at various imagery, but finding a simple striking logo applicable to all, wearable in many places and long lasting is a tough proposition.

its not just the imagery its also the management of the process that takes time. My advice to Kate800 was just do a Mens & Womes T shirt, avoid the long sleeve option, however its hers (and Bikerboy944's) perogative to do things differently...... as its could be your perogative in 2015.. I wasn't keen on adding personalisation, but I found away that worked with minimum issue and minimum problems

so for ideas its over to you......