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tiger 800 xc supermoto project

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This is it n supermoto ,Iíve put the bike back to standard set up, both sets of wheels inincluding discs and sprocket all extras inc heated grips, bark busters, moto mirror,frame sliders ,heel guards ,rear hugger, engine case protectors, small screen, lower seat and standard seat, centre stand, alloys sump guard, Ali top box mount, braided front lines , tank bag, top box , Leo vince end can with baffle, and loads of spares ,2012 plate just over 3k miles £4500 the lot

Thanks for the picture, I like my supermotoís and wandered how this looked. Sorry but itís not for me, it just doesnít look right. But that only my opinion. Each to there own as they say.
Good luck with your sale. Mark

Sorry for asking a question OT, but what is the crash bung which is installed here, I'm looking for similar items !?

Evotech crash bungs


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