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There's nothing in the photo competition rules that says it has to be YOUR bike.

Watching someone else can be entertaining ..... :123:

Come on guys, scour those photo records....must be a gem or two in there somewhere.

Here's a couple of gems that made it into the 2013 Calendar....

Fancy having a shot?

Post your 3 photos, and you never know. With up to 30 photos to be selected, everyone's got a good chance.   :028:

This is what I want to do when I get too old to ride my Tiger...

Payback time.....

Now, if my local hand car wash place was to expand into doing bikes, I would definitely consider it..

And not a Rokstrap in sight!

Limitations exist only in the mind!

Back to reality, there's 10 weeks left before the close of the photo competition, so make sure you get your 3 entries in. Don't get caught napping and miss it!

Remember , you can enter 3 of your favourite photos into the competition. Win or not, its the taking part that counts!  :152: :152:.........and its for charity too!

Just as a quick note I am about 50% through the artwork for next years calendar but hope to have woken Rocket Ron up (see last picture above) to proof and approve by the end of this week  :046: :046: :046: :046:

As per last year I guess Rocket will post up and example page as a preview.

So .................. Anyone who maybe has thought "Hmmmm should I" ........................... then go on do it! Order one of these Calendars and feel good that you have contributed to a great and worthy cause!

Lets try to get the numbers up a bit and give yourself a years worth of functional bit of kit that shows off some of the best pictures from around the world.

Andy  :123:


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