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    Reply #10 on: Nov 13, 2014, 06.02 am
    Nov 13, 2014, 06.02 am
    If you haven't put your name down for one the of calendars yet, here's another reason..

    Motorcycle Outreach is planning to start a new project in Tanzania next  Spring. Tanzania has one of the worst maternal and infant death rates in the world. The tragedy is that most are preventable if we can just get health professionals to the rural locations where many people live. Our bikes can help them do that.

     We will begin with a pilot project of 3 bikes in the Ruvuma region of south Tanzania.   ( but this will build to a fleet  of 22 eventually)  . it would be brilliant if the Tiger 800 forum could fund one of these. We will be purchasing Yamaha 100cc machines that cost 900 each from a local dealer.

    To reach 900, , we need to sell around 140 calendars and we are at just over 100 currently if everyone who has expressed interest confirms with an order.

    So , we need orders for another 40 calendars to achieve our target. All the money we raise will go towards funding the bike. Once purchased,  it will have a Tiger 800 Worldwide Forum sticker on it, the same as the 3 bikes we purchased for the MoR Indonesia project.

    Are we up for this ?

    If interested in ordering then simply add your name to the list via this link.,13314.msg163809.html#msg163809

    Details of how to confirm your order will be posted in the next couple of days. You will also get a PM.

    Price will be the same as last year. :046:
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