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We have touchdown.
« on: March 20, 2011, 07:35:09 AM »
It was a good day yesterday, sun was out, roads were dry, so the XC, was out of the garage and away, with his time the good lady wife on the back.
This was after her saying that she wanted to see if it was as good as I had been saying, so we were off.
A couple of A roads to get to the peak district and then B roads C roads and the odd one with a bit of grass in the middle.
The bike was brilliant except for one left hander which supprised me.
It was a C road with trees an bushes at either side that we had been bobbing along on at about 40 / 50mph ish.
It opened up with a clear view through the trees, so I dropped it down a couple of gears, counter steered and pushed it around the left hander which was clear.
The supprise being that the pegs didn't go down, but the bottom of foot of the side stand ground out all the way around, not a good sound and didn't impress the wife.

So unfortunately I have a flat on the leading edge of the side stand foot.
And before you ask no I want going silly I just had the bike over a bit!!!!

The moral of the story is don't push the bike around a left hander with a pillion on the back.
I will try the same with ONE UP and report back later.

Apart from that the bike was superb as normal.  :007: :007: :007:

Always keep the shiny side up!!


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