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Posting photos onto the forum is a simple process, it just takes a few minutes of your time, but its worth it!

Photos always add interest to a story, plus it helps you get more out your forum experience , so its worth learning the simple steps to do it.

The purpose of this thread is to list the various ways your can upload your photos.

I use one particular method , but there are others, and I would invite contributions from other members to provide a simple explanation of the ways they use.

First step is to register with a photo host site.
(this is where you will store and organise your photos. You can upload your photos onto the forum from here. You can't do it directly from your  PC/laptop/IPAD etc).

I use but there are others. It's free, simple to use and provides some useful tools for organising photos.

Next step is to upload your photos onto the host site.
(there are simple instructions for uploading your photos from your device. It takes just a few seconds to upload a single photo, but up to a minute or two if you are uploading lots of photos at once).

Third step is to upload your photo from the host site to the forum.
(Once your photos are on the host site, you will see an option to "share this photo". Select the "IMG" option for uploading onto forums. Having "selected" the IMG option, you simply return to the form and "paste" the photo into your post).

Now you can enter the photo competition!   :047:

Good luck!   


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