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Trouble after 2 days
« on: August 10, 2014, 12:44:46 AM »
 So after working a 13 hour shift at my job, I left at Midnight to set off home to find my new bike had been violated! Tucked beneath the windscreen was a little Yellow parking charge notice  :138:

First came shock! I had never been given a ticket before and it was a little bit scary, but quickly anger set in! I marched upstairs to the marina office (they take care of the car park) And asked the night shift security guard in the politest terms, WTF!? :211:  He told me where I had parked was blocking their trolley bay. Now I was aware that I was parked next to the Trolley bay, but all the signs and ground markings do not indicate that it is part of the trolley bay.

I argued my case, the only thoughts in my mind that some dirty  :232: had touched my pride and joy, slipping a parking notice under my screen like a note into the thong of a stripper (okay a little dramatic, but it had been a long day). The guard told me that he could not do anything about it and I would have to speak to the manager, who has the weekend off (Lucky) SO I have to argue my case Monday, If I lose it is a 50 fine.

Now I am a considerate guy, I always tuck my bike out of the way, and Never take a full parking space just to myself. SO until I get this sorted I will be taking a  :350: and parking in any free space I like, and on the busiest weekend of the year, it should piss a few people upstairs off; as my bike will be adding to the many complaints they get from boat owners unable to find a space.  :150:


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