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Rear brake part - what's it called and where can I get a new one?

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Tiger Rev:
Had a minor rear brake problem on a long trip and didn't realize until later changing the rear tire that this part was damaged and needs replacement.  It is a small spring that clips onto the rear brake caliper bracket and holds the forward end of the brake pads.  It is not the spring that sets in the caliper itself and is not shown in Triumph's parts catalog.  Even the rear caliper bracket, if it is included with that, is not shown as available in the catalog.  My local dealer's service staff suggested ebay, but I don't know what it's called to do a search.  Can anyone tell me what it is and where I might find one?

Item 5 here on the brake assembly, simply called "Pad Spring"


Tiger Rev:
That's not it. 

This part holds the end of the pads, not the top.  The tabs on the end of the pads set into it, between the pads and the caliper bracket, not the caliper itself.  If you look carefully at the side of the rear brake assembly on the bike it can be seen between the pad ends and the bracket they set into (not the caliper).

Are you talking about pad "shims"?:

If so?, I think they come with the pads..?

I did not get any pads shims AB with any of mine - I think it is the pad retention spring from what has been said


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