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At the start of a quiet summer work-wise for me, I picked up some very old notes from OBD work that I'd taken a look at many years ago, and so began the TigerTool project. Here's the start of some ramblings about talking to my bike (but not in some tree-hugging hippy kind of way)....

If you want to access your bike's ECU there's TuneBoy, TuneECU, Dealertool and probably others, but being the inquisitive type I wanted to know more about the processes. Aside from the aforementioned systems, anyone with a simple hardware interface and software on their PC or phone can talk to the bike to read basic data, including fault codes. Since the ECU on the Tiger isn't OBD compliant (by its own admission), the amount of data that you can read with the basic interface setup is limited. i.e. In my current list I have at least 50 known parameters that can be read from the ECU, but only 12 are available using a basic interface. The rest need access to the ECU to be unlocked - (perhaps more about security access #27 later?).

Once ECU access has been unlocked, (depending on the access level, as there are several), in addition to the various sensor parameters, you can also read the following:-
  Bike VIN number
  ECU serial number
  ECU tune number
  ECU cal number
  Last ECU tune install date
  ECU tune update count
  Original (factory) ECU install date

Most of the above details can of course be read using the freely available TuneECU software. One feature where TuneECU falls over however is the ability (or lack-of) to reset the service interval and therefore reset the 'spanner' icon. The reason for this is simple - TuneECU only has access to pin7 on the OBD connector so only ISO9141 & ISO14230 protocols are available, whereas to reset the service interval needs CAN protocol access on pins 6 & 14. You could get Dealertool to give you the reset feature, but of course you have to pay for it.

Although the above listed features need ECU security access to be unlocked, it looks like resetting the service interval has no such restriction! Anyone with a cheap basic (e.g. ELM327) reader that they bought from their favourite online auction site could reset their service interval if they knew how, something that I eluded to in another thread a little while ago. Once I've had time to play more with this and other stuff, I might post details on how it's done.

My plans with the TigerTool project were never to try to make another TuneECU or Dealertool - I just don't see the point as they're both very good and do exactly what they claim. Instead I've been playing with designs for a plug-in interface that provides ECU access in the same way as them, so you can read ECU data and/or reset the service interval if you like, but also leave the device plugged-in and configured to record a preset number of parameters that can then be downloaded and viewed on a PC. This partly came about when Greg had problems with the TPS on his bike causing it to cutout when he went off throttle. I wondered whether it would be possible to record TPS or other sensor data while it was going tits-up to see if the problem could be tracked down. I found a great little adaptor from China (and it's dirt cheap) that does the whole recording thing, but because the Tiger's ECU isn't OBD compliant you're restricted as to what it can record and you can't select the parameters to suit your application. However, what I've learned from it could help with some pointers for TigerTool. If I was more familiar with the processor on the cheap interface/recorder then I would consider writing my own firmware for it, something that I've not completely ruled out yet.

What I would also love TigerTool to be capable of, is the registering of new TPMS sensors as none of the systems out there seem to be able to do this. I'm afraid to say that so far I'm out of luck talking to the immobiliser (where the TPMS control is stored). To avoid the risk of bricking my bike, I might have to invest in a 2nd hand wiring loom, ECU & immobiliser setup, but that might be a bit costly for what is just a fun project!

Summer's over so works getting busier now. I don't know how far this will take me or how long I can spend on the project, but for anyone interested I'll try to keep updating as & when I can.

p.s. While buying & testing various interfaces for this project I came across some that could be supplied as 'Dealertool-compatible'. I've also tested them to confirm that claim!  :181:

Fair play T 800XC.

Hi, I'm after resetting my service tool whats my cheapest way of doing it?

Originally Posted by Buzz Hi, I'm after resetting my service tool whats my cheapest way of doing it?

Currently Dealer tool matey.

Andy  :123:



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