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Tiger 800XC wanted for Excel


Adventure Bike Shop:
AltRider need a Tiger 800XC to display products on there stand at Excel, if you can get your Tiger 800XC to Excel either wednesday evening before 8pm or during the day ion Thursday 12th feb and collect it at about 6pm on the Sunday, then you will get lots of free products fitted to your bike to keep including crash bars, radiator guard, Sump guard side stand foot and luggage rack

If anyone is interested then call the Adventure Bike Shop or email me on



Adventure Bike Shop:
Had quite a response, thanks chaps, we now have a Tiger 800 sorted for the AltRider stand, it will make a change from the usual KTM that AltRider use for the shows in Europe and it will be nice to see all the parts actually on the bike



Captain Crazy:
Good to hear Cliff  :028:  Glad the Forum could help. 

Though remember there is a ''Forum Rule''*   ... Don't forget to post pictures (of the bike with all the 'accessories' on, at the show)  :001:

* No Pics, = It never happened  :008:


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