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Just a quick introduction to Monntek. I've been making 'safe' rear paddock stands for a few years and have had a good relationship with the fellow Street Triple forum and thought it time to introduce it to the Tiger 800 forum. The easiest way is to understand how it works is to look at the the Youtube clip:

In brief it consists of special rotating bobbins and a width adjustable stand with tubes that locate over the bobbins and lock the stand in place so it can't become missaligned during operation. The stand can be lifted using your foot or an optional handle.

I'll offer a 15% discount to forum members so this works out at 68 + 8.99 P&P (UK Only) = 76.99
I'm happy to send international, contact me and I'll get a delivery cost. Current costs were West Europe 20 - 35, N America & Australia 45 - 60.

Please PM me for further details, the easiest way to order is to PM me for latest delivery times and give your Paypal, email and tel no and any different delivery address or details and I'll send a you an invoice.

In theory the stand will work on most bike models with bobbin holes (with correct bolt and spacer) assuming there is clearance so PM me your requirements and I'm happy to make specials if required. I currently only make red as standard as this is most popular. My website has some more video clips etc for other bike models and designs and the Street Triple video is a little more extensive:

There have been a few design changes and improvements and feedback over time you can follow these on the Street Triple forum:,15079.0.html

 YouTube Clip not working, worked in the preview, maybe a forum thing ! ! :

Heres the link to cut and past in browser if it doesn't work:

Or just go to my website:


Monntek Stands

Had one of Alan's stands for my 2014 Street Triple and it worked a treat so was delighted to find it fitted the Tiger 800 with a slight change to the bobbin/roller spacers and bolts.
The stand is so easy to lift and lower without fear of dropping the bike it just rolls up onto the stand with the lightest of pressure from my right foot. I lock the stand in place using the lifting/locking arm and then pass my security chain through the stand and rear wheel, also as the bike and stand are on a tight weave low pile carpet I can slide the bike forwards , backwards and sideways without having to take off the security chain or stand this allows me access to both sides of the bike in my shed.
The stand is well made and will pack down flat for storage or transport with ease if required.
I have tried to put some pictures up but the files are too big so I will try again after I have found a program to shrink them or if anyone is interested and I can be of any help emailing photo's just PM me.

Here are some photo's of my Monntek stand fitted to the Tiger 800

A few more shots


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