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I need some Bike cover help guys

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The Stealth:
Ok this my dilemma, due to circumstances beyond my control my beloved Tiger is going to be kept throughout the spring summer and early autumn outside ! Although I don't relish this thought at all it has to be so, I'm not worried about the security of her at all her new home is very secure and I have taken extra precautions myself i.e. CCTV,  tracker Thatcham bumpstop, ground anchors and chains and Abloy 350 locks plus it's way out of sight as is the cottage, what I am looking for is a outdoor all weather bike cover that will with the 20" Madstad fitted cover the bike completely! I have just brought an new R&G adventure one that claimed it will fit and it does very snugly but with no screen on, with the screen on it pulls the cover up only just then covering the front wheel!!! There must be something out there for sale that will cover the tiger with the Madstad fitted, I have considered one of the pull over bike covers ! I am open to any suggestions and ideas
The Stealth   :017:

Captain Crazy:
Have a word with these guys ...  Of course it's the weekend, but send them an email and see what they can offer as they do list an indoor 'Dust Cover' for the Tiger so should know it's basic size already.  :027:


 There is also '' they do a made to measure service and the quality is really good,I had one for my 800,and used it on my Explorer until it got knicked,my fault didn't put the chain through,the R&G one I wouldn't recomend,mine leaked like a sieve.

I had an Oxford Stormex (?) back in the uk, can't recommend it, leaked a lot.

The latest Ride magazine just landed on my doormat and they're testing 17 bike covers.

Oxford Stormex 18/20 recommended.
Oxford Aquatex 17/20 best buy.
Gear Gremlin Classic Neon 17/20 recommended.
Oxford Rainex 15/20 recommended.
JDC Ultimate 15/20 recommended.


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