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Re: Honda CRF1000 Africa Twin
« Reply #30 on: May 26, 2015, 06:50:49 PM »
Thanks for the interesting and informative link.  :169:
Yep, Honda used that engine quite a bit -- in the U.S., it's mostly found in Shadows (but then, cruisers are what's mostly found in the U.S.  :003: )

Interesting too that the site, "XRV Motor", showed the Two Brothers Racing road racer -- a bike that had very brief success: one b/c of the engine's "Achilles heel" of staggered crank-throws (an ultimate problem for high-rev road-racing) and another being the arrival of Suzuki's more powerful / more durable, excellent 90* Vee, SV 650 on the road-racing scene.

In the U.S., we never got the Africa Twin; very few VT500s will be found; the Hawk GT (Bros) had a brief run as a "Cult Bike" (small group of fanatic followers); and the Transalps pretty-much went nowhere (sales-wise), similarly the 'Dull-ville'.  :003:

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