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Two questions

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Hi All,

I am thinking of ordering a MTC exhaust - two questions....

Firstly, I know european laws etc can be abit funny so are these legal to use in Europe?

and Secondly does anyone know if you can fit one of these whilst having the SW Motech Rack fitted to the bike??

The MTC shouldn't cause you any problems, on the provisor you purchase one of their road legal rather than "race only" versions.
The units are physically smaller than the original and use the same mounting points, so should not prejudice the fitting of luggage.
European travel rule of thumb is, if it's legal in the home european country it's fine in others.

I tend to agree that Euro regulations for things like this (& the radius of the bend in bananas) is universal.

However, I did read something last year about the Gendarmes using a dB meter to test any bike they thought was too loud at Le Mans and issuing on the spot fines to any that failed whatever test it was.

Stick with a road use version from MTC and you'll be fine. Don't remove the baffle though.

Sorry guys, but that's not so simple.
If can have no E-standard stamp on it - good luck to you proving that noise level is OK to German police etc.
The one and only proof that exhaust comply with EU regulation for road use is E-stamp (of course not fake one).
While French MAY let you go if Db is low enough - my friends did not manage to convince german police to let them go once. Ended up taking bikes back with car. It is purely matter of luck. If bike not too noisy nobody will stop you = nobody will give you trouble. Unless you do something stupid like winding up throttle to show off in small town center while policeman just behind you  :001: (this is what happened to my friends)


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