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Understanding Garmin zumo and basecamp my info!

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Thanks for the thread. I don't have a bike specific satnav and I'm only now considering moving into distance riding and considering foreign rides since starting to appreciate the capability and ability of the Tiger. Given that my current satnav experience is basically car use, just selecting a destination point, I hope to learn to put Basecamp into use on the bike.

My only issue, within your write up, is 'Garmin Express' .... totally crap in my experience. I have a Nuvi 770 and originally the unit came with both sets of maps (Europe & USA) loaded in the units memory. However 5+ years of Lifetime Updates resulted in me loading Europe on the satnav and using a 4GB sd card for storage of the USA. Garmin Express only wants to load the complete map sets and doesn't want to allow region selection, then fails to load either reporting lack of storage space. Fortunately I have always kept a backup copy of MapUpdater and fortunately, as yet, this still works fine connecting to Garmin and allows me to select regions, so currently I have Western Europe loaded (not all the way to Russia) and the 49 Upper States of the USA (not Canada) and consequently have used only a fraction of memory on the unit and storage card.

   I think im on the right track in thinking that you would like all the maps in one place and express to be able to do it all?! I had the same problem as will everyone with the zumo 550s, maps too big, not enough room, wouldnt fill unit and put excess onto the card....
  There is a trick i used to make express think that an sd card was actually the sat nav itself, that way you can load all maps onto a 8 gig sd card and have room on sat nav memory for music etc with a bonus of being able to carry a spare set of maps with you on sd cards for different continents if you so wished.

 the site  i used was www.poi-factory.com/node/39231

 I can guide you through it if you cant understand the site but its pretty self explaining and once youve done it once its easy.

The newer units however dont need this as they have larger internal memories on them but can be done just the same if needed.

Originally Posted by lparker1983 I think im on the right track in thinking that you would like all the maps in one place and express to be able to do it all?!
No. I actually find it more convenient to have my USA maps on the sd card and only put it in once a year (besides updates), that way the unit only has to process UK use without being cluttered with US info. The point was the introduction of 'Garmin Express' being a backward move (IMO) in not allowing selection of what sections of the map set I wanted and only trying to load the whole mapset. By selecting only the regions I want I have plenty of space internally and (in Europe) a spare card slot for music etc. thanks to the previous MapUpdater.

Ah yes . . . I get you now! Yes that's a problem with express you can only upload the whole map to computer or device.

 personally I don't mind as all the maps are on the device and it saves me messing wherever I go. Only full Europe mapping on mine though but yes America maps I assume are massive and impractical . Just a quick note on speeds of device, the 590 I have although it wasn't cheap it is fluid in zooming and moving maps about on screen whilst out and about. The previous 660+550 I used were clunky and slow . The processors have obviously been improved as things have moved forward.

 :018: Here is a really basic question from a Zumo390 lurker.

 When using base camp does the "map donor" Garmin GPS need to be usb'd to the PC ??


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