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2015 XRT linked brakes

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Team... I've got a 800 XRT, 2500 miles on the clock. I'm noticing the rear brake is binding slightly.. so much so pulling it back is difficult and front disc has slight black rings...

should I be concerned? are the brakes linked?


It sounds like one of your brakes is sticky.
Most definitely get it looked at before you ruin your pads and rotor.

give the callipers and pads a good clean. If that doesn't help it's time t take a trip to the dealer.

And the brakes aren't linked either

To Check that you have or not have libnked, brakes, are there two brake lines going into one of the front calipers. Usually on the right side.
I run a tiger 800 (2020) and  I have two brake lines going into the right front caliper which means that I have linked brakes

Rick B:
2500 in 6 years,,,,Sound like they need wearing in  :492: :492:


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