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Bar Risers for 800 XRT


Hello, New Member here and picking up my NEW 16 plate XRT Wednesday.

I would like to purchase Bar Risers to bring bars up say 20cm and Definitely back 20cm, to give me a more comfortable position.

The Triumph dealer only has risers that only Lift up to 30.

Any help appreciated


Surely if the risers are angled back they reduce the effective rise?

You'd have to do the trig to work out what rise you need to allow for a horizontal 20mm shift to the rear

EDIT: I reckon about 30mm (28.3mm) :)

 :401: Hi, I have the Triumph risers on my XRt and as you say they lift the bars 30mm and can be reversed to move the bars back a bit, haven't measured but maybe 10mm?

There Rox I believe are a 2" (50mm) rise and variably adjustable?.

There is SW-Motech who do are a 20mm riser listed for the XC (basically a straight spacer), but with no rearward move and shown fitted under the Triumph risers. These should work no problem? Although you would have to source your own 2 replacement screws 20mm longer than standard as the supplied ones are obviously for the using with the 30mm risers.

Stevie W:
Here's a cheap but effective riser


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