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2015 Tiger 800 xcx map update
« on: April 08, 2016, 04:25:50 AM »
Been an avid  follower of this forum for a long time and really appriciate the dedicated effort that people have contributed. Hopefully this info will help someone down the road one day.

I have just purchased a 2015 tiger 800 xcx and had it into the dealer for an inspection.

It turned up the map was outdated and needed the current one installed.

I was able to look over the Mechanics shoulder as it was being done and saw the old map was numbered 020929 it was replaced with map # 020973.

My bike is bone stock with the emissions canister still on, as well as being in Canada.

Some observations,

He just used a regular windows based computer running win7 connected to the data link connector under the seat.
The update was fast, as in under 45 seconds.
He did not have to add power source to the bikes battery, or even pull the light fuses.
When going through the map selection there were many different maps available, with differences for country ie North America ,Canada, Asia etc. Arrow aftermarket pipe was another one.  I estimate that there was about 12 different choices so care and attention to loading the one specific to your ride is important.

My final observations on how it rides now,

I only road the bike about 5 miles on the original map and I kinda thought it road mode. ( This is compared to my previous ride, that was a 2011 tiger 800 xc with aftermarket pipe) however, after the update, the bike acted a little strange in throttle response, maybe the adaptive reset process..I don't know. I can say with conviction that the bike is now way more responsive than before and another observation was that there is almost a lean backfire with closed throttle now. The throttle is also a little hard to modulate as I find it snatchy now. I find the throttle is on the sloppy side and as you roll into it it lags and then over reacts a bit. ( I'd like to think this is just my own learning curve here) hopefully triumph will refine and tune that a bit better in the future.  Cruise control works rock steady, as before.

That's all I can report, and invite others to add there observations as of new maps,

Just so the thread stays on topic please list only Triumph tigers from 2015 onward.

Your bike tiger 800 ??? Xcx etc
Your country
If you have the evaporative emission canistor still on or if it was not installed as some countries may not have it on. (This I don't know)
If you have stock or Aftermarket pipe
If you have the map number old and new

Hopefully the gurus of the forum can break into the box and we will one day get to play with the Tigers tail.



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Re: 2015 Tiger 800 xcx map update
« Reply #1 on: April 08, 2016, 08:55:29 AM »
There are many people looking at this.  The ECU is locked, so a "key" (software / physical dongle in computer) is necessary.  Unfortunately unless someone either gets given the "key" or has a supply of 2015 and ecu's to play with I don't see it happening any time soon.
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Re: 2015 Tiger 800 xcx map update
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2016, 12:28:19 AM »
I just checked on my map version using TuneECU.  I've got a stock US version '15 Tiger 800 XCx and the tune that is presently in the ECU is 20841.  Surprising how different the tune # is.  I haven't checked with the dealer to see if there is an update or not.

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Re: 2015 Tiger 800 xcx map update
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2016, 02:46:28 PM »
When I checked on the tune version on my '15 XCx with the Android version of TuneECU, I noticed that some of the features (Tests and Adjustments) such as resetting the service interval didn't work.  I have used this same product with my '14 Trophy with no issue.  I noted that the ECU types were different between the two models.  I contacted Alain at TuneECU about this and he indicated this could be corrected in an update for this software in the future.


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