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Tiger 800 Torque Specifications (2015 - on)

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Some changes vs. the "2012-on" sticky. This version applies to XR/XRx/XRt and XC/XCx/XCa. Enjoy!

Note: The original file was too large to attach.
The complete file is the "small size" file (optimized .pdf file, i.e., reduced file size)
The other two files split the original file into 2 files (pg 1-6, and pg 7-12)
If you don't like the print in the "small size" file, download "1-6" AND "7-12" two files instead

Thanks for that, very practical to have.

I've a question though that's been on my mind for a while now.
How important is it to apply the correct torques? I'm not very much a DIY myself, but i see plenty of "professionals" do it without torque wrenches (tyre guy, garage guy, Even the Triumph guy, ...).

Useful stuff, thanks.

 :028: ... very handy, downloaded and filed. Thanks.

Again, many thanks.



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