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Will bikesure be able to cover me and my 2014 tiger for a 5 month trip to Spain from November. ? Most insurers seem to limit to 90 days. Cheers


ADAC maybe?

Five months is a bit steep for most UK insurers, truth is though - their helpline will be better placed to answer that question than us!

If they can't I'd give ADAC a shout, German RAC, very well priced, cover all of Europe.  Or maybe there is a Spanish insurer who might be even cheaper for you.

Thanks for the replies


Depends what you mean by " cover": by law, all insurance must cover you all over Europe for the minimum legally required cover ( i.e. 3rd party ) with no  time restrictions;

But many companies will only extend your comprehensive for 90 days.

You will just have to ask....



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