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Down Tiger:
Just received my "Never Drop" stand from Alan at Monntek and 10 minutes after unpacking, my Tiger was sitting proudly with its back wheel in the air.

My lowered Roadie simply could not be put on the centre stand, unless two strong men risked double hernias. The Monntek is the perfect solution if, like me, you don't need to use a stand away from home.

It really is as quick and simple to use as the YouTube video posted on the forum. A quick push with your right foot to raise the bike, fit the safety handle to the bottom and everything sits secure and rock solid. Rolling the bike off the stand is easier still. The design and functionality is impressive. Everything packs down flat for storage if needed.

Alan offers a great product and genuine customer service. If you are in the market for a paddock type stand, look no further.

I totally agree. Great product.  :047:


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