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This thread is intended for photos , specifications, prices, suppliers and owner reviews only of the "soft" luggage options for the Tiger to assist owners considering which luggage to buy. Please refrain from using this thread for "general banter" on the options posted.
Please add your photos or links to photos of any soft luggage options. It will be much appreciated by the rest of us.  :152: :152:   

Kicking off -

Kriega US10 mounted to their Tank Adaptor

Fully waterproof and adaptable to use with Kriega's other products (rucksacks, modular build up using other US models). Easy to remove from tank adaptor.
Note that their Cube Pocket product can be mounted across the handlebars for easy access for items such as camera, visor cleaners.

Easy access to filler cap by unclippiung the 2 rear clasps

LOMO Dry Bags

We've been fans of dry bags for the last couple of years for camping, but the ones that fasten at one end can be a pain as you root around trying to find something you're sure you dropped in there. So we've bought two that open along the top instead so when you arrive at destination you can use them to keep stuff organised as it's easy to locate items. Similar to the Triumph Roll Bag but a considerable price difference. These are great quality, real heavy duty feel to the material, seams, buckles and straps. Come with shoulder strap etc as you'd expect. We're off to Iceland in July and will be using these as luggage.

The white one on my 800XC is the 30L and has in my 3/4 season sleeping bag, clothes, toiletries, towels, chain lube and some other bits and pieces. Easily held in place by bungees on the standard plastic luggage rack as my Kriega bags are on the rear seat.

The yellow one on Onanist's 1050 is a massive 60L affair, only suitable to be used with panniers in place really. However it is holding all the tent stuff in one place, including large 3 man tent, 2x camping stools, roll mats, 2x lightweight bike covers, other odds n sods.

The 60L is 23.99 and the 30L 17.50 which makes them absolute bargains, especially compared to Triumph's similar roll bag that comes in at 75!

Further details to be found here including video's showing the top opening

Great value product Selina. Would a 40ltr fit the Tiger?

Also, forget bungees for strapping bags to the bike. Strongly recommend you invest in  "Rokstraps" . Having used bungees for years, I bought a couple of rokstraps last year and they are absolutely fantastic. Must be the best way of strapping kit to a bike. See link:
You can buy them locally from Winding roads , Melbourne. Speak to Martin and tell him Rocket put you in touch. Telephone no on website  ...

Pretty sure the 40L will not only fit the Tiger but be a slightly more useful size. I just liked the white  :034:
Rokstraps look a bit improvement over bungees, must get some softed me thinks - many thanks for the link.


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