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I have been looking at soft luggage options for my 800XC, after initially wanting to go down the hard case route.

I have found two options that look interesting, has anyone got any experience of either?

Bagtecs XA32

Givi Canyon

Also looking at tailpack options to swap the ridiculously heavy Triumph Explorer top box!

Originally Posted by Mrski1 Also looking at tailpack options to swap the ridiculously heavy Triumph Explorer top box!

A duffle is ideal. They come on all sizes from about 20 litres to over 100 litres. You can either buy a dedicated motorcycle one or a generic waterproof one from an outdoor store. Use a couple of Ros straps and it is a very easy on and off.
I use an Enduristan 50l duffle that I have never actually filled up on longer rides.

I went Nelson Rigg mounted on my own custom side compartments made up from metal parts boxes.

The NR are seam welded Vinyl with all sorts of straps and options including inner formed panels to hold the shape and pads between the mount plates and the bags. They have lift out bags and very competitively priced. (Aus $300)
I didn't want big bags that add width as the parts boxes cover the muffler on the RHS (muffler lowered) and extend out far enough to miss all the suspension and chain on the LHS. So I am currently the same width as the handle bars which I think is the ideal width.

I also bought a super light Givi Top Box out of Europe as it was a model we didnt see in Asia Pacific. Its is a square shape which will be easy to pack but it is only rated for 3 or 5 kg of weight. Haven't mounted it yet and not sure that the base is strong enough for adventure riding so will need to add straps I think. But this will definitely only be soft riding gear and notebook.

If I had to pack bigger/heavier I would go vinyl bag on the back to keep weight low coz Alloy and bigger Givi add way too much weight imho.

Unfortunately have not been able to road test ..... cancelled 4 trips in the last 18mths due to Covid lock downs.

Found a pic.

See the metal parts box that I used as the base for the storage and mounts.

They are mounted onto the existing pannier mounts and have now removed the grab handles at the back which are quite heavy.
The boxes have an Aluminum plate down the outer face which allows me to fit the soft pads that come with the Nelson Riggs sitting between the bags and the boxes. No rubbing. Cut all the webbing straps on the sides of the bags to fit the little bars that are riveted to the back of the boxes...  so it doesnt take long to dismantle if I want to remove the whole bag.... probably 2 minutes per side.

I have a plastic document tube under the LHS box (Tube and tyre levers etc) and the muffler fits under the RHS.

Those boxes stay on all the time now with around 5 or 6 ltr of internal storage in the boxes. They have all the mounts and hardware that I use to attached the bags, additional camping equip etc and can comfortably fit a big vinyl dry bag across the back seat if needed.


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