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EICMA 2010 - Tiger 800 revealed ...

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If you are desparate to see the new Tiger 800 in the flesh then get yourself over to Italy for the EICMA show in Milan:

EICMA 2010

The bike is almost certain to be revealed on Tuesday 2nd Nov, methinks around 11am ish...

The Tuesday is a press day so you'll have to gatecrash  :038:

Might be best to go later in the week.

If flying, you have two choices of airport. Linate is nearer to Milan but it's located to the east of Milan and the exhibition centre is in an area called Rho which is North West of Milan. So it's a "ring road" jobby to get round Milan which can be a pain in rush hour. Altenatively fly to Malpensa which is also NW of Milan but further out. If you use this airport you don't touch Milan. In both cases I think there are shuttle buses that will take you direct to the exhibition centre. Basically it depends on whether you go as a daytrip or whether you stay over in Milan for a while. More details here:


I've flown to Milan several times as a day trip and it's not as impossible as you might think. Generally, it depends on where your local airport is as that leg of the trip can be the worse and most expensive.

If anyone goes, then take some pics and post em on the forum  :031:

Got any spare FF miles to slide me? I'll bring back a detailed report  :001:


Spec so..

Here's a webBikeWorld report from the EICMA show with some photos and videos:



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