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Hello from Indianapolis Indiana


alan robert:
Hello.  Found this forum on a search engine the other day. 

Good job with information on the pending (2) Triumph 800 models introduction and addition to the existing Triumph bike line up.

I like the Triumph trumphet motor.  I have owned a Sprint St and currently own a R3 Classic Tourer.

I also own a DR650SE and use it as a work bike. 

I need good gas mileage, versatility, light bike weight, easy maintenance, close to a 100 HP, ability to add panniers, comfortable seat and bike height, and all weather capability.  Blah blah.  lol.

I like the idea of a 800cc Triumph, maybe a Mini Sprint offered too in the future?

I was also looking at the Yamaha FZ6R and FZ8 upright as a home made sport/tourer with panniers.

Welcome to the speculation  :084:

"maybe a Mini Sprint offered too in the future?"... one can only hope, I miss my '06, should have never sold it. An 800 for one up touring would be brilliant, could stay with the original 1050 can under design, plenty of power, and much lighter. Sign me up for sure.


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