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Anyone got information on Rent a tiger?

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Hi, last year I was lucky enough to join rent a tiger on their Marocco trip. I'm wanting to go again next spring, but the web site hasn't been updated for ages and no reply to an email.  Does anyone know if they are still doing trips or renting out bikes? It would be a shame if they no longer operate.

I believe they are still on the go, they were mentioned on the HUBB as a possible place to rent a bike for their Mountain Madness rally.

Thanks Arma, I'll wait for a reply to my email, though I was curious as to why the website wasn't updated with pictures of the Morocco tour for last year and there was no mention of a tour in 2016,  I'm just hoping they are not playing safe from a terrorism perspective, it would be a real shame for all the negative reinforcement and loss of all the positives. I guess if this is the case it's understandable from a business stance .


I've just logged in and seen your message. I did the Morocco trip (in 2014) and was thinking about it again, so I chatted with Anton on WhatsApp at the beginning of October. He told me he doesn't have dates yet for 2017.

I'll send him a link to the page here and maybe he can reply.

Best regards

Thanks for that  Guiri, I  did it with them last year and it was an amazing trip,  so want to find out if more were planned,  there is no update on his website from your trip is think.
Cheers,  Steve  (originally from Manchester!)


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