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Anyone got information on Rent a tiger?

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Rent a Tiger:
Hi Steve,

It is good having news from you again. I'm sorry I haven't read this post (thanks Guiri for advising, I owe you one beer  :031:)

I'm just arrived from Morocco, running a tour for another company. In 2017 we will run our own tour again between April 18th and April 30th, starting and finishing in Málaga. It is true that I'm not very active on the Forum, but next week I will paste the itinerary confirming the exact dates, and probably some pics from the last two editions.

Those lucky participants having more time and money to spend, can keep the bikes for a few more days to assist to the Jerez MotoGP (4-5-6-7 May)

Good or bad, we are happy to be in the business. We have increased our fleet with new bikes, not only Tigers, so a new brand has already been registered for operating. The new website will come next.

Looking forward to riding together again, best regards,

 Hi Anton, thanks for the message,  I'm pleased your fleet is growing, though I think the tiger is simply brilliant.

I really enjoyed my Morocconame adventure with you and am looking good again at the start of April next year,  which as Guiri  explained is earlier than you plan to go  - this is based on the timing of my friend is shall be travelling with., but I'll check out your website later on.

Kind regards

Rent a Tiger:
Hi Steve,

The dates for the next Morocco Tiger Adventure edition will be 18-30 April 2017, starting and finishing the tour in Málaga as usual. Hotels and ferries all confirmed, will open a new post with all the details and prices on the Forum this weekend.

Concerning the new fleet, I totally agree with you that the Tiger is so brilliant. On Dec 5th we (Ana and I) were just arrived from Morocco; we were leading a tour designed and organized by us for another motorcycle tours company; we could take one of our R1200GS LC but we didn't… our love for the Tiger not only remains, it increases day after day, mile after mile, so we took one XC  :031:

Kind regards,

For anybody interested in the Morocco tour, it's now rescheduled to 4 - 16 November 2017. Details are on the website at

I'm going again after my great experience in 2014.

Best regards


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