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PYG RYDR from Virginia, USA checking in.

I currently ride VFR800, SV650, XR650L and WR250R.  I have been riding street bikes for many years and started dualsport riding ~5 years ago and now want to add an Adventure Bike.  So far the XC looks like the bike I want for riding backroad asphalt and dirt roads for camping trips. 

Looking forward to learning more information about the XC before placing my order.

Thanks in advance for sharing information.

Welcome to the speculation... only a few hours left now before we have some of the objective facts. Keep that little SV, with a little suspension work it's as good a naked sports bike as you'll get without spending a lot more... and Suzuki has cut it from the line up for 2011  :151:

Thanks for the welcome.

When I pull the trigger for an Adventure Bike, some of my bikes will have to go.  Not enough time to ride them all and too many to keep up. :007:

So VFR, SV650 and XR650L may be replaced... :161:

Keeping the WRR for sure though :046:

What Gen VFR?

2002 w/ V-tec.

It has been a great reliable and fun bike.


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