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Re: Scorpion exhaust (or other aftermarket)?
« Reply #20 on: March 14, 2019, 12:53:30 AM »
I have a 2018 XCX.

I fitted the Akrapovic a month or so ago and had it modified so I can remove/ replace baffles.
Ive noticed no change in MPG and the bike is runn8ng fine.
Back pop is similar to the stock pipe.

With baffles in it is slightly louder than stock with a slightly deeper tone. Little more bass.
With baffles out, a lot noisier which is good living in Thailand and has reduced the amount of idiots try8ng to kill me by at least 10%. The other 90% just wont give up.

The guys at my dealership loved it and all agreed it sounded better than the Arrow although they are only allowed to sell the Arrow.

I havent done any super long journeys with the baffle out but I think the volume may be a little high after a couple of hours so next tour will carry with me so can insert if required.

The Akrapovic has a very clean look to it which I like and overall sound pretty damn good for my ears. Powerwise I felt there was a slight gain but that may have been wishful thinking and wasnt really the main reason for changing anyway.



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