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Hi, my name is David and I'm a Tigeraholic...  :156:

Just placed my order for the Tiger XC today - in orange!

Living in Ipswich, UK and a regular visitor to Orwell's Motorcycles on a Saturday.  Sold my 1050 Speed Triple/Tiger hybrid last month in anticipation of the new 800cc Tiger release.  I've decided to order the new bike to arrive in March for a couple of reasons: the weather won't be too good for a few months, especially for a brand new bike and I want it with the new registration (61 or whatever this new illogical system is).

Anyway, that's me!

Welcome, and beware... there are some odd birds about!

the same order, plus all the other stuff....
Not sure what to do with the Tiger 1050....going to be interesting comparing them both.
I'll probably trade it in, but not certain.
I'd like to keep it.. :020:


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