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Clever design of Monntek stand - and it works


Got my Monntek a few days ago as I have no centre stand on my roadie. I'd been pondering traditional paddock stands but was a bit concerned about how you tip a bike upright safely with one; Alan's design looked ingenious.

The stand is a well-made bit of kit, and nicely finished. It is ridiculously easy to use, and once up the bike feels really safe and stable with the locking handle in place. A bit of rubber matting under the stand helps when easing the bike back down.

Alan was great with the comms - responding almost instantly to emails and also gave a forum discount  :152:

I can only think of one improvement - you need to get a Monntek brand sticker on there somewhere Alan!

I would agree, got mine a few weeks ago and very happy with it. Once you have put the bike up and down a few times all the worries about it falling over disappear. :0461:

Completely agree with all above. More than happy with mine.  :152:

Totally agree, haven't used it much with having a centre stand but mine was bought for my Street Triple. Possibly the ST fittings don't lift the tyre as high as a Tiger one would but enough clearance so  I can remove the wheel.  :028:


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