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Is there still discount available


Hi all,

Looking at getting an exhaust for my 2014 tiger and tossing between mivvi and MTC

I like arrow but can't be arsed with the faff of re programming ( didn't have to do that on off road bikes)

I like the sound of the MTC but do we as forum members still get discount? I know this thread is old and they (MTC) are not that responsive as they have other things to do such as produce goods but anyone buy recently and get a discount or know of the discount code to use.



Just spoken to Martin at MTC ( Max Torque Cans )

Yes 10% discount for forum members and a free T shirt is still available.

He has asked me to say that the 10% discount is ONLY relevant if you buy directly from them and not through EBay, one guy recently bought through EBay and rang them and asked why he didn't get his 10% discount!

I have no connection or affiliation with MTC, the only connection with them is I bought a can from them In March this year. I went down to the factory as I am only 22 miles away, really helpful people and cracking facilities, I was quite impressed.

I really love the tone from the can, I have the baffle removed and it isn't boy racer noise, it is perfect for not attracting unwanted attention.
I am running it on standard mapping

He offers card payment over the phone or PayPal payment with a fast delivery.

Give him a ring 01704 893337 you will find them extremely helpful


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