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Tiger XRX 800 MonnTek Stand


I have been looking around for a while for a paddock stand for my Tiger but wanted something that was really easy to use and well engineered, and decided to take a punt on the MonnTek Stand because of the good reviews on here.
I had a couple of questions and got a prompt reply from Alan. I ordered on PayPal and quickly got a notification from Alan the Stand was on its way. The following day I got a link to the instructions for use, although to be honest it is simple to assemble and use.
On arrival I found a well engineered piece of kit with quality in design and manufacture. To use it is a simple as the video on the website suggests. I have the XRX low and had no problem attaching it to the bike or getting the bike onto the Stand. It takes no effort and even my wife was able to get it up onto the Stand. Dropping the bike off the Stand is as easy as putting it up, and once on the Stand the bike is very stable.

I would defiantly recommend this bit of kit and it is good value for money.

I also bought one and as you say very easy to use, stable, not a big issue putting it up after a ride and dropping it off when you want to go. :0461:

Watched the Video ... ordered mine today ... just what an old man like me needs to assist  :492:  :152:

Arrived today ... Easily fitted ... Highly recommended ... Well pleased with the reduced effort required to raise Tiger ... Perfect for gentlemen of a certain age !!!  :152:

TIP : Put bike in first gear before rolling forward OFF the stand, to prevent the side-stand from folding whilst balancing forward motion !


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