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Try getting a quote from Carole Nash. I have been with them for several years now, i have no experience of after-sales but found them competitive and knowledgeable. Seems you can taylor your policy to accommodate almost every thing conceivable. They also cover you fully comp on there policy providing the other bikes insured.


I've been with Carole Nash for as long as I remember.

Yes, I can vouch for their after sales.

Bad accident in 2011 and they really looked after me.

I have a 6 wheel policy. Actually 4 bikes and a car.

That's 12 wheels.  :138:


 :try RAC insurance

Hi all. I received my Bennetts bike renewal a couple of days ago, saying that  I had to speak to them before they could offer a renewal. It turns out that although my Tiger 800 XRx is chained to a ground anchor, between my house and front garden wall, and chained  to my Kawasaki J300, both are Datatagged, both have disc locks fitted, both have factory immobilisers and bike covers, they won't insure me unless my bikes are in a brick built garage. I am lucky in the fact that I do have a garage, but to park the bikes in there, I have to move a campervan and a car. We live in a small cul de sac with no parking other than on driveways. I've lived here for 12 years, and had at least one motorcycle kept in the front until winter since day one. I've phoned around and had a lot of people saying that the bike insurers are all demanding garaged overnight storage. The renewal price for both bikes from Bennetts was 368. Yesterday, I spoke to Carole Nash and have insured the bikes with them. 340 including full breakdown cover (which I don't need) 90 days abroad including recovery and legal, plus I can ride any bike not owned by me, fully comp provided the bike is covered fully comp by the owner, but bikes do NOT have to be kept in a garage. Phew............... :001:


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