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I've been with bemoto for a couple of years now :152:

They are bike savvie and talk you through everything, including modifications without trying to rip you off.

www.bemoto.uk or 01733 907000

Good quotes and no hassle for multi bikes, give them a try.

Usually the premium for a second bike is not too bad PROVIDED that you are the only named rider for both bikes, also the fact that you have a side car attached is likely to reduce the premium by about 50% on that bike, best thing is to phone your existing insurers and ask.

How old is the BMW? Is it old enough to go on a classic policy, with a sidecar the premium for limited mileage would probably be quite modest.

Originally Posted by Mattytiger800 hi all,
Has anyone else got a multi bike policy? I have a tiger 800 which I have 8 years ncb on the policy and Im going to get a bmw with side car that I want to have on the same policy. Which insurance companies are best for multi bike policies? Im new to having multiple bikes.

I have 3 bike (in .sig below). When I added the new/financed Tiger 800 on Saturday, GEICO jumped from $492/yr for full-coverage for the Vulcan, towing, and just liability for the used Wee, to 1533/yr!! Holy what?

So, I called a local agent for AllState whom I met at the Pacific Northwest's Oyster Run last summer and she ran a full information quote, included comprehensive for all bikes, collision, better liability (300,000/100,000), replacement coverage, farkle coverage, helmet coverage... total for the year? $535 (I had a speeding ticket 2 years ago, so the premium rose a bit).

I switched! The agent I used is "Freedom Road Insurance, LLC" in Bremerton, WA, email freedomroad@allstate.com. But, is sounded like the agent just used the underwriting tool AllState offers their agents.

I have a multi-bike policy for my Tiger 800 XCX and BMW F650. Currently with Bennetts for 200 for the year and 60 additional for European breakdown and recovery, legal cover and helmet and leathers.

Hi all.
I have a 6 wheel policy with Carole Nash.
My car and 4 bikes.
All insured fully comp for the road, home and abroad.
Full EU breakdown cover. Handy when 3 of the bikes are over 50.
Had an accident in 2011 and they really looked after me.
They will price match if possible.


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