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Can someone verify if TuneECU softwares are now available for the Tiger 2016?  Up to very recently, the ECU was restricted and it was not possible to use TuneECU, but now I see that it is listed up to 2016 models.   

actually, I see that it is only up to 2014. it was only the information that was update at 2016.

I gave up waiting for tuneECU (which i used on my previous bonnies to great effect) and have now installed rapid Bike EVO. New GPR unrestricted can and free flow filter. Next will be a decat. So far so good, bike running well. installation was straight forward apart from connecting the crank sensor cables. that took real fetling, not to mention much mandatory swearing.

Bike sounds fantastic with the free flow muffler.


Hello all!  I know this topic/response is a little late, but I just came across this info and thought it to be relevant to the original posters question:  Straight off the "TuneECU.Com" website ... listed as compatible models.

"All Tiger 800 models from 2015 and upwards, only with TuneECU for Android and exclusively via Bluetooth.
   June          2018

Was super excited to see this, but need to look into it a bit further... I have the app on my phone (android) and have successfully connected to the ecu via bluetooth as specified, but have not been able to see or find any section that enables one to reset the service spanner. In fact, the only thing I can say that I've been able to see (with the engine running) is the rpms, throttle position and battery voltage.  Ran out of time so I haven't had alot of time playing with it yet.  Anyone else have any experience using the app on the newer model Tigers with the new displays?  Oh btw, bike is 2018 Tiger 800Xrx  :001:

Have a Dealertool which I originally bought for my Triumph Trophy,  and works great on my 2018 Tiger,  with
     usual `free' upgrades      :028:


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