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I cut the catalyst box from the exhaust pipe just behind the O2 sensor port and in front of the guard bracket. I ground both the guard brackets off and discarded the guard. I cut a section of pipe from the original muffler and welded this into the gap.  This has to be done carefully to make sure the original  pipe length and angles are retained, otherwise the mounting point at the rear will not line up. There is a reasonable amount of play but you still need to be careful.
I have added a photo of the finished job in the forum gallery.

Probably a bit late now, but I bought the new version of tuneECU app 2019, for under 10 pounds, and it works great, I only use it with a bluetooth obd2 adapter, but I can do everything that a dealer can, including resetting the service mileage, and all the fault codes, and tests including the fly by wire motor,the only thing I cannot so is remap now,as you need a Obd2 lx or mx bluetooth adapter at about 60, but they haven't changed the standard tune on the 800 tiger from vin no. 761795 for years, it's still 20975map


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