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Hi all. Ive just changed my front tyre on 2016 tiger 800 xcx abs and engine light now on. Need to delete and retest. What is the best tool to do this? I keep seeing tune ecu bluetooth. Is this good and where can i get one? Thx in advance

Hi, I might be nieve, but why would you want to change the ecu setting on a 2018 model tiger.
Maybe a member of the group can point out what's wrong with the initial setting, and what the update brings.
Always willing to learn

So guys any luck resetting the service spanner on a 2016 XRT with Tuneecu?

Tuneecu explicitly say not to connect post 14 so the answer is no

If you want to access the ECU output, do some built-in tests, and reset the spanner, Dealertool will do all that. Or, on the 2018 model the spanner can be reset from the option settings on the dash.


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