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Pamplona - Cherbourg May 2018

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Hi All

I am having a few days  fun in the Picos in late may. Taking the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander. After which I ammaking my way back up to Cherbourg to for ferry to Dublin. I have 3/4 days for this leg.  I am struggling to find an Interesting route up from around Pamplona.   The lower West side of France looks a bit boring. 
I have decided to skip the Pyrenees as a lot of roads still closed in May, and will reserve for a another visit in September.

Any suggestions from the well travelled for a route north to Cherbourg.. 

The N260 across to Perpignan
Scoot along the riviera to Cannes
Route Napoleon to Grenoble
The D385 to Chaufailles
The D985 to Luzy
The D27 and D944 to Tonnerre
The D444 to Troyes

Can't think of the next bit off the top of my head but that should keep you interested

Nice route but he wants one on Atlantic coast.  I never done that way but I hear it not the best ride

Originally Posted by grizzlybear Nice route but he wants one on Atlantic coast.

He needs to be back at Cherbourg but that doesn't mean he has to take a Westerly route


This could maybe help you ( and other) to go by the Pyrénées

if you have a bit of time OK Bayonne to Bordeaux is very boring but Royan to Rennes by Rochefort  La rochelle and Cherbourg.
And motorway or not?


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