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Re: Touring screen query.
« Reply #10 on: May 16, 2018, 02:53:33 PM »
*Originally Posted by digger06 [+]
horses for courses, mines great

I had a revelation with the OEM touring screen, it came with the bike and the buffeting was pretty bad so I added a screen spoiler from eBay it made a little difference so being 6ft tall with 32" legs I had the screen at its highest a the seat at the low setting (2013 roadie) to try and hide behind the screen.  I decided to try and tweak the set up but made it worse and couldn't get it back to the slight improvement  :023:  so I started from scratch, removed the spoiler, but screen at lowest setting and seat at high position and bugger me, nice clean flow of air, no buffeting a bit of wind noise but I have a flip up lid so wear ear plugs anyway, couldn't believe it! took it up briefly up to 90mph still no buffeting...happy days so deffo worth messing around before splashing out!

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Re: Touring screen query.
« Reply #11 on: May 16, 2018, 03:29:40 PM »
I'm on a 2013 roadie too, and pretty much the same measurements as you although have the seat in the high position and have the touring screen in its top, upright setting. Wasn't that bothered by being hit by the wind and could pretty much ride with my visor open at most speeds (although wouldn't choose to, personally) but the level of noise was absolutely doing my nut in within days of buying the bike in March.

I didn't actually try fiddling with its settings, partly cos I'd read so many comments on here saying it was terrible in all settings! Instead, I bought one of the cheapie ebay adjustable screens. I didn't really have any idea what sort of setting I should be aiming for and the first couple of positions I tried it in seemed to make little or no discernible difference. The third position was a huge improvement to the extent that I've not bothered trying to improve on that. I find adjusting any screen is a royal pain and I was born lazy so I've no desire to fiddle around any more or lose the current setting! Who knows what amazing silent setting I might be missing out on though... or whether I could have saved myself 20 by adjusting the OEM job!

Yes there's still some wind noise - but frankly, I wasn't expecting miracles, I just wanted rid of the horrendous roar. I can now hear my music/intercom clearly, with ear plugs in, at all speeds and now notice no difference between sitting upright and ducking behind the screen in terms of wind or noise, whereas before it would really quieten down of I hunched right down closer to the clocks.

Horses for courses, and all that! 

BTW - I think there's quite a few different sizes of near identical looking ebay screen available, ranging from the relatively small and ugly to the absolutely massive and ugly! If anyone is going down that road it's is worth checking the measurements in the ads to ensure you get something that is in keeping with the Tiger screen as there are some that are about the size of snow ploughs!

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Re: Touring screen query.
« Reply #12 on: May 16, 2018, 03:54:44 PM »
Wind noise on a motorcycle? it sort of goes with it  :001:

Maybe try fitting an old Avonair on it?  :038:

Tinkering is what happens when you try something you dont quite know how to do, guided by whim, imagination, and curiosity.

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Re: Touring screen query.
« Reply #13 on: May 16, 2018, 08:09:54 PM »
*Originally Posted by Dont_Stop [+]
I've had 2 aftermarket screens:  I like the Puig Touring Windscreen I've installed.  It's much better than stock.  Previously, I had the MRA VarioTouringScreen.  The Puig offers better airflow and protection in my opinion.

+1 for Puig

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Re: Touring screen query.
« Reply #14 on: May 16, 2018, 08:28:39 PM »
*Originally Posted by digger06 [+]
horses for courses, mines great

 :0461: same for me, replaced with the touring screen and its made a huge difference for me (in a positive way!!) but i am 5 foot 9 with 32" leg on a 2016 XRT


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