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Re: Low oil pressure light
« Reply #220 on: August 01, 2020, 09:28:27 AM »
*Originally Posted by RJVieira [+]
Thank you for the reply.

I'll check the cooling system for leaks and measure the oil pressure as you advice. I'm no mechanic, but I don't wont to pay a gigantic amount of money to reach the end without a solution.

I already bought new coolant and new oil, I'll try to change it next week and check all of that.

One of the things I've noticed, in those hot days when the oil pressure triggers, the RPM of the engine it's at 800/900... on the RPM dash, it's written that the minimal RPM is 1000... I saw the post that you changed the stop screw to raise the RPM, I'll try to do the same, because when I turn the throttle and raise RPM to 1100, the light goes out... So I assumed the RPM is dropping to much causing oil pressure to drop to much also. Probably the stepper motor needs again some cleaning and adjusting...

Thank you,
I'll let you know if raising the RPM to 1100/1200 worked.   

800/900 RPM sounds pretty low to me.
If you have the dealer tool software, i would suggest to first check the throttle body synchronisation. When the throttles are out of balance/synchronisation, this can also affect the idling of the engine.
When the throttle body synchronisation is OK and the idle is still low, then maybe also reset the learned values to force the ECU to start all over again with trimming the fuel injection based
on the TPS, coolant temperature and intake air pressure. When you reset the ECU by letting the bike idle for 15 minutes, then maybe put a fan close to the radiator and the regulator/rectifier when doing this in hot weather. I blew the regulator/rectifier once doing this in hot weather. The rectifier/regulator is positioned directly above the radiator/exhausts, so it gets pretty hot there when the bike does not get any riding wind. A fan will help to keep the temperature from rising too high.
Also check that your battery is still OK. When the alternator is working hard to keep the battery charged, this can also lower the idle speed.
If all that is OK, i guess you ruled out most of the other obvious causes of a low RPM, before you start adjusting the idle stop screw or checking the stepper motor.

Success. Keep us informed. Maybe we can learn something new.


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