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Anyone out there using Sygic GPS?
« on: June 18, 2018, 01:13:17 PM »
Hi all,

I've just started playing with a GPS app on the phone by a company called Sygic.  The appeal is that I can plan a route in the MyRoute-App software and then from within the app I can get the phone to start navigation.  I've paid 15 for the upgraded version which gives me lifetime real time traffic information.  I've put a few pro's and con's below but also have a couple of questions for any existing users to see whether you have encountered the same.

Anyone who uses a TT400 satnav may have experienced an issue with the voice being a bit "hoarse" if you have the data channel connected for traffic updates.  My idea was that if I can plan the route in MyRoute-App then transfer the same route to the TomTom and to Sygic I can have the TomTom for visual guidance and Sygic for audio guidance as the two will be following exactly the same route (as long as I have put a few waypoints into the MyRoute-App route.  I tested it at the weekend and it was almost perfect but has one strange quirk.

  • You can download full country maps to the phone so doesn't kill your data package
    Lifetime realtime traffic info is only 15
    It is fully integrated with MyRoute-App
    Voice instructions are clear
    Traffic info has been very accurate (it uses the same feed as TomTom)
    You get alerted if it finds a faster route (but there is a con - see below)
    Maps are accurate
    Nice option to "switch to walking mode"
    Very easy to get it to direct you to petrol stations and other POI's
    It gives you lane guidance
    Speed limit info is accurate and you can configure it to alert you as you approach a reduced speed limit area
    Customer support so far has been excellent with really fast responses and suggestions

  • I had a quirk when using it in the car with bluetooth.  I had to use a "standard voice" otherwise the first announcement is truncated and it would say things like "In 200m....." so you would know that in 200m something was going to happen but it may or it may not give you any more info.  This was only an issue when using one of the non standard voices so there is a way around it but needs a couple of clicks to configure it correctly.
    It defaults to being zoomed out a long way.  So each time you set a route you need to manually zoom in to the view you want.  (Note that you need to turn off "Auto Zoom" otherwise it will zoom back out after 20 seconds even if you do set it manually)
    Map quality is not as good as TomTom but it is more than acceptable
    When it alerts you that there is a faster route you have to tap on the "accept" option which is ok in the car but a pain with gloves

And now my questions for anyone that uses it already.
I use it on an iPhone 7 with a Sena S20 headset.  If I am listening to music via the phone it works perfectly with the music being lowered, satnav instructions given and music restarted.  However if I am not listening to music every time I get a traffic instruction it starts the music playing.  Even if I close the music app completely the music starts at the end of each traffic announcement.

The other issue I have is the opposite of the one just described.  I am listening to music.  Using the S20 voice commands I stop the music.  Once I have done this I can't start the music again, (however if I wait long enough the next satnav instruction will start it for me). 

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Re: Anyone out there using Sygic GPS?
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2018, 11:26:08 AM »
Hi Rugby536.

I also use sygic but in android, connected via an smh5, now I have only used it once in bike, but I did not have these issues that you describe.  It did manage to get me lost in Nottingham to such a point I switched it off and used Google maps, I  used it regularly in my car and do find it seems to like to tell you to turn right at a roundabout, when it actually means to straight on.
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