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Any thoughts on a route from near Evesham to Lydd in Kent?  I did this trip a couple of years ago by going A44 to Oxford, A34 to Winchester, A272 across to Heathfield and B-roads down to Lydd.  It seemed slow, hard work and not particularly enjoyable, but preferable to the M40, M25, M20 etc.  Hoping some local knowledge will put me on the right track.

You could try the 417 (From Junction 9 of M5 to 11A) down as far as Pangbourne that's a really nice bike road then M4 Southern M25 round to Sevenoaks, 262 to High Halden then back roads to Lydd. Its probably further than the recommended route. But some nice riders roads.

Many thanks Alunr, that looks a great option.  Last time, I came back on the A262 then M25, M40 due to time constraints, enjoyed the first bit at least.

  D6864,  Dependent on the time of day, If travelling down the M20, come off at junction 9, as horrendous 
     roadworks  and delays currently at j10, and down part of the 2070  which are expected to last for up to
     18 months due to the new j9a being  constructed.    You can easily pick up the Lydd road  (2070 ) again via
     the A28  turning left towards Kingsnorth at  Chilmington Green Road joining the 2070 at Hamstreet
     ( see on Google Maps )
     Steve...... :018:

I don't know about the first part of the route but a quicker end could be from A272 take A23 to Brighton then A27  past Lewes
and Eastbourne then A259 to Rye then turn off through Camber to Lydd. Traffic can be a bit slow Lewes to Polegate at times but usally passable on a bike.


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