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    The Global Adventure Academy - UK
    on: Jul 06, 2018, 11.00 pm
    Jul 06, 2018, 11.00 pm

    Having owned my Tiger 800 XCA for just over 12 months, and being a complete Off Road novice, I decided to splash out on some training.
    After much teeth sucking about the cost, I booked a day at the Triumph Global Academy in South Wales (Opposite Touratech).  The cost was 299 for the day using one of their bikes (a 2018 800 XCA)
    There were a few hiccups with the booking process which almost resulted in me cancelling, however, a very nice young lady called Sarah who is responsible for Customer Liaison, managed to put the wheel back on and we agreed a date for last Wednesday, with a complete set of Triumph clothing to use for the day free of charge. (Normally an extra cost, but definitely worth it)

    As requested I arrived at the Academy for 8:30am where I was met in the car park by Keith Roden my Instructor for the day. This was the start of what turned out to a fantastic, challenging, constructive and hugely enjoyable day.
    After a meet and greet over a cuppa I was given a guided tour of the excellent modern facility, with a comfortable reception area, huge briefing room, changing rooms, drying room, showers kitted out with everything you need to freshen up after a day's training including fluffy towels.
    The compulsory briefing was relevant and refreshingly 'brief', outlining the day.
    The guys from the workshop had noticed that my XCA in the car park had been lowered, so they offered me a slightly lowered XCA, nice touch.
    Next stop, into the changing room where I found my locker quite easily because my name was on the door, nice touch.
    Inside was all the top quality Triumph clothing I had booked for the day, including boots. You just have to use your own lid. 
    Then, after a welcome from Nick Plumb the boss, it was outside with Keith who introduced me to my bike, again, a nice touch with my name on the screen.
    There was a short road ride to the off road site, which surrounds a massive working open cast coal mine. The site provides all the challenges and different grades of terrain, rocks, grass, trees, hills, descents, water etc, to accommodate any level of off road training.

    To his credit, Keith quickly and correctly assessed where he needed to start with me, which was very much at the beginning. Though I've ridden on road for over 40 years, 25 of those as an advanced rider, I was in deep disorientation when I had to ride standing up and steer by weight transference.
    Keith explained what was required, then demonstrated it, and then coached me through with no time pressure to 'get through the program', it was tailored to my pace.
    In fact the whole day ran at my pace, geared to my needs, and although I was stretched and challenged, it never felt overwhelming. And it was great great fun.
    Coffee breaks and an excellent lunch of assorted sandwiches and cakes etc was provided set up in a room on site.
    The afternoon session continued to throw up new challenges interspersed with short trail rides to practice the new skills, and also to experience the beautiful landscape surrounding the site.
    All to soon it was time to head back to the Academy at 4:30pm for a cuppa, shower and a one to one debrief with Keith who gave me constructive feedback on my progress and how best to move forward. Without doubt, I left there a far better rider than when I had arrived in the morning.

    After standing up on the pegs all day, sitting on my bike for the two hour ride home felt very weird, but I had a smile on my face all the way, as indeed I had done for most of the day.
    In summary, its not cheap, but it is a first class facility, with first class equipment and excellent staff, I had a brilliant instructor who was utterly generous with his knowledge and experience
    and had been supportive all day long.

    I rode home on adrenalin (and coffee) and that night slept like a knackered log, but at 63 years
    young, I did ache quite a lot the next morning, but still smiling.
    A brilliant, constructive, challenging and developmental day. I say well done Triumph Global Academy.  Excellent. (and no, I don't work for Triumph)  :047:
    "Goodnight....and may your god go with you"
     (The late & great Dave Allen)

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    Re: The Global Adventure Academy - UK
    Reply #1 on: Jul 07, 2018, 08.20 pm
    Jul 07, 2018, 08.20 pm
    Been there twice on the 2 day course in the last 2 months and had a great time, 30c last week out on the riding area an open cast coal mine.

    If you are interest go as ASAP not to many riders know about it at the moment, what ever level you are at they will find a challenge for you or set you up with the basics.

    Glad I used there bike as I fell over a few time more on the second trip, a bit costly but well worth it

    One very happy riding