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Re: riding in france
« Reply #10 on: July 23, 2018, 06:15:16 PM »
Regarding limits in town/villages, the town/village name sign white with a red border means 50kph, at the end of the town/village it has a diagonal line. The village sign black background with white letters is just hat, as name sign, no change to limits, quite often there is a step down to 70knph from national limit just before the 50 limit.
The recent change to 80 is not well marked yet, but as in the uk, its the national limit so it does not have to be signed.
Speed traps are a bit variable, down my way you rarely see them, sometimes they do a naughty one at tunnel portals, hard to see as you emerge to daylight, locally we have some 30kph tunnel limits on an 80 kph road, beware.
Regarding the gendarmerie, they are a bit more harsh than uk old bill, but just the same they are simply doing their job. Gendarmes tend not to be very local so they are a bit hard sometimes. The guys that have stopped me were fine (bike still had uk reg), didnt even ask for any documents, just "are you on holiday?", "have you had a drink?", they were motorcycle cops so maybe a bit easier to deal with. British reg, means paperwork and probably no result so they are more likely to go after the local twat that goes flying past as you chat with them
Breathalyser is a dead duck, no interest at all, seems they realise its bollocks.
Biggest danger is the poor standard of driving, corner cutting, bad overtaking, speeding, tyhe indicator is dead!  Quite a lot of french bikers are mad, look out really well for overtakers.
Sermon over
Happy biking, its a great country

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Re: riding in france
« Reply #11 on: July 23, 2018, 06:29:03 PM »
Watch out for Priority to the Right. Nearly caught me out recently.

Some towns allow traffic coming from a side road to your right to emerge with priority...not stopping!!! If you are on the main road and there is a collision then you are at fault

You do have to watch for these
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