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    Powerbronze Website & Discount Codes
    on: Aug 07, 2018, 12.47 pm
    Aug 07, 2018, 12.47 pm
    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that our main website ( has been updated to an all NEW site which is much easier to use.

    At the current time, because the site is being tested and fixed if necessary whilst live, promotion codes i.e. UKFORUM1 are not enabled for use.

    To get your 10% discount, you will have to call our sales office on 01903 783222 and tell us which forum you are from. You will then be given the 10% discount plus free UK mainland delivery (normally 5 through the website).

    All other promotion codes i.e. USAFORUM1 or IREFORUM1 are still working as these sites are separate from the UK site.

    As soon as the promotion codes are reenabled, I will post again.

    All the best,