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Innovv C5


Hi All

I have a C5 installed on my tiger, predominantly for "proving the point it was the volvo (audi bmw .... ) drivers fault", so far not hugely impressed, the android app seems to work but incredibly slow to download files. Would be better to be able to ftp directly into the device and download files.

The images are ok but there seems to be a "shimmer" maybe down to image stabilisation. Periodically video files seem to get corrupted.

Its  a nicely made piece of kit and easy to install but as so often with chinese built gear, let down by "chinglish" ops manuals and crap software. Shame

Interested in any experiences from other users.

I sent mine back and got a refund

I was impressed with the quality of the C3 so thought the C5 would be a step up.
The image quality was grainy on the C5, almost like it had a dirty lens.

I presumed it was faulty but couldn't get them to replace it and had to get Paypal to sort a refund


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