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I've seen several threads where folks have taken their bikes to dealers for driveability issues and the dealers attributed the problems to a corrupted map.  Dealer reloaded map and they were good to go.  So to perhaps avoid having to schlep to the dealer sometime in the future I was wondering if Tune ECU can copy and download the stock map from my bike for me to save on my PC.  Then as a first diagnostic step if I ever have such an issue I could reload the map myself.  The similar automotive software I have used can do this so I hope Tune ECU can also.

Yes, it can. But it takes a long-ish time, on mine it seemed it would take 30 mins or so and I got nervous about the battery so I cancelled it.

I don't think there is a need to download the map, once you connect you should see a number which refers to what map is loaded. These are available from the TuneEcu site, so I don't see the need to redownload it yourself, just write down the number so you can go back to it if you want to. For example, mine had 20480 which was the first stock map for ABS XCs.

I proceeded to update the map to the latest ABS XC map with Arrow can.

Well, that certainly makes it a lot easier!  So I take it the ECU upload flash goes a lot quicker?  If so, I wonder why that is.  My experience with auto software was that that both directions were about the same.  In any case I ordered a cable from a Euro site.  I got this one that is listed for Volvos referred by the Triumph RAT site.

OBD II/USB 409.1

Yes, it is strange it takes longer. You're supposed to load a similar map as that would speed it up. I opened TuneECU and there was the last map I had opened displayed so I guessed that was fine but it wasn't, I think I needed to explicitly click open map again before attempting the read. Anyway... Yes I think your cable should do it...

On another note, make sure the windows automatic updates is not on. I was waiting for the TPS reset after the map and the damn thing decided to update and reboot because I left it unattended for 5 mins. I hate windows... Imagine if that were to happen during a map upload...

IF/when I remap I will be sure to watch the PC throughout the entire process.  Too much potential for damage to leave alone.

Yes, Win7 has become more of a PITA, but I guess more secure.  I have a Win 7 PC running network camera video surveillance software and had to turn off Win automatic updates because update/reboot stops the program and it will not restart the program even if it is in the startup folder because of the new heinous UAC popup box requiring user action.


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