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Re: XRt cuts out
« Reply #100 on: November 12, 2020, 01:06:28 PM »
Just thinking out aloud.

What was the temperatures and or weather conditions that most experienced the issue?

If it is some sort of Air Fuel mixture issue, eg the black box ECU has problems with the value, is it worse in hot weather, cold weather or indifferent?

With the Commander V system I can set a AF value in areas that don't really mean much in the table (revs / throttle opening) so just wondering why its that one spot/change. Commander say not to worry about the columns and lines at the edge of the Table assuming that the ECU has a value that will keep the motor going and that it is outside the power/throttle and response range.

If it was the inlet manifold (gasket required?) you could argue that surely its not 'all pots' snuffing out at that same time, that at least 2 pots had vacuum ??... unless there is a missing/ corrupted value and surely its about NO Fuel at that point.... and the fuel meterage just goes kaputt... along the same argument why doesn't it just go fluffy and restart itself based on rolling momentum???

Is it on light throttle blip or any throttle, going fast or just pottering up to a round about .. whatever.

You guys need to seriously start to compile a table of the circumstances. Then go to point D.

Why is this important. I did my first 'serious out of iso fang' into the high country Tuesday. 400 ks of riding all up but with 120ks of serious twisties, braking, multiple gear changes, 20, 30 klm hour hair pins, blind turns, culverts, broken road surface .. the whole shooting match. I would be road kill if my XCx did any of that fluffing out sh1t and its one sure way to seriously hurt yourself if you are in a technical cornering entry and it just flames out. OMG that is way out of the acceptable range for performance and reliability.

Point D (all of the above) Does someone have to get killed before Triumph gets the message.

Time someone Lawyer-ed up or formally registered it with the various Road Traffic Authority.

What we are on page 10 of this thread and more and more examples keep popping up.

Scarey sh1t in my book.

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Re: XRt cuts out
« Reply #101 on: November 12, 2020, 05:27:37 PM »
Yes, it could well be a safety issue. I've had a couple of dodgy moments, dying on me when going into a roundabout. I couldn't identify any particular conditions, as it seems to be pretty random.


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